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Melt Your Aches with Hot Stone Massage!

Your personal condition sets the stage for how you experience each day of your life. It's only natural to want to feel the best you can. Those who take an active role in improving their overall health know that one needs to address all aspects of life -the emotional and mental as well as the physical. A great way to accomplish this is to help your body to relax with regular massages. If you are interested in experiencing the best bodywork session possible, you're going to love a massage that incorporates hot stones! Combining the many benefits of massage with the addition of soothing, penetrating heat, this treatment will take your bodywork sessions to a new level.

How does bodywork help?

One of the main reasons massage is able to do so much to improve health and function is the way it helps to deal with stress. According to Sandra McLanahan, M.D., "Massage therapy is beneficial for almost all diseases. Eighty percent of disease is stress-related, and massage reduces stress."

Your body does much of its maintenance, regeneration and healing while you are resting. It follows that when your body is more relaxed, it will be better equipped to do its job and keep you healthier. Relieving the stress and tension that so easily accumulates in your neck, shoulders and back can help to open your body's lines of communication. And when the stress goes, you feel like a brand-new person, happy and alive!

What part do the stones play?

Massage alone does a great job of bringing about this relaxation of tense muscles, etc. By adding the penetrating heat of these smooth stones, the result you can experience is enhanced greatly.

Adding this comforting source of warmth increases both the speed and degree of relaxation you'll experience. Additionally, this deeper state of muscular relaxation allows a more intense level of bodywork on those trouble areas with little or no lingering soreness afterward.

Most of us have used a heating pad or hot water bottle on an aching neck or back and know how soothing the application of heat can be. Now imagine the combination of relaxing massage strokes and heated stones loosening all those tense muscles and relaxing your joints. The deep, penetrating heat draws blood into the area, increasing circulation and creating an extremely relaxed state.

An ancient therapy rediscovered ...

Though relatively new in our modern culture, hot stones have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. The ancient civilizations in Egypt, China, and Japan as well as North American Indians all found beneficial treatments using the soothing stones. From a means of alleviating pain and stress to helping with menstrual discomfort and even serving as an aid during childbirth, the hot stones helped our ancient ancestors deal with many of their physical complaints and to pursue improved health.

Too often in modern society, the common approach to dealing with pain and discomfort is to mask the sensations with pain-killing drugs. A much better approach is to do something that works to handle the source of the problem. Helping your body deal with tension and soreness has never been more enjoyable, thanks to the availability of hot stone massage.

In summary, incorporating hot stone therapy into your bodywork sessions:

  • increases circulation
  • increases metabolism
  • decreases pain
  • decreases muscle spasm
  • decreases joint and tissue stiffness
Discover for yourself what levels of relaxation you've been missing -schedule a hot-stone massage session today. You'll be glad you did! If you have any questions, please feel free to call. See you soon.

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